Monday, January 15, 2007

365 Day PhotoChallenge Day #7...

I was playing around again with the wide angle lens. My regular 28mm 2.8 and shot a few pictures messing around with DOF. I love to shoot with a shallow DOF. So here's what D called his 'bobblehead' doll look and B's 'want an M&M? Oh and check out B's one tooth sticking out there...Makes me smile and laugh..

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And, one from the summer time...Love the legs, they really tell the story of the boys. L in his cowboy boots, B in his sandals, Baby J just looking OH so cute and D in his shorts and a bit of mosquito bites..

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Robyn said...

The first two are lots of fun.

Julie said...

Fantastic as usual!

Ali said...

I like your DOF!