Thursday, July 09, 2009

June - Early July 2009

To those who have been patient for an update thanks!! To those who have been IMPATIENT and emailed me a couple times and mentioned a couple times that I need to update THANK YOU for the encouragement.. HeHe..

Things have been pretty busy and well, not exactly exciting for us lately. I'll share what we have done..

In honor of our Independence Day:

Last evening after my birthday dinner we went to the lake and enjoyed a beautiful sky and scenery.

Daddy and J on the floating dock at the lake..

J loves 'ribbits'.. (I mean Toads) He runs around the yard till he finds one and catches. It's so cute. He'll carry it around for quite sometime too before he tires of it.. Poor toads..

Here's B and L with Camille the Kitten.. (When B gave me my birthday card yesterday he also handed me a curled up little Camille and said HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!)..

A couple weeks ago Grandma and Grandpa took the family out to Berlin to let the boys play on their favorite play set. Isn't it HUGE? I love this State Park/Campground, can't wait to get out there and camp later this summer...

Ya'll have a great weekend.. I'll try to post again, soon..