Thursday, October 30, 2008

Smiley J...

Aunt Sharon and Uncle Jeff hosted a Hayride and Bonfire this evening.. It was quite fun. In the beginning the kids were all playing in the leaves. I think J enjoyed it..Here's his happy little face.. He was using his stick to move the leaves around (shown in the second pic, BUT he knew my camera was aimed at him so he didn't look at me)..

Yummy hot dogs roasting on a very warm fire..
When we returned home we dug into our Halloween costume container and J found this wig and had to try it on..


Thursday, October 23, 2008

L's FIRST school Field Trip..

L's first field trip was today. I was fortunate enough to be asked to go along to help with his first grade class. This field trip was great. They went to our FAVORITE apple orchard! We've been going to this orchard for years. Here's a link to their website: The Stotler's Orchard and Apple Store .

If you are out their way you should stop buy and pick up a bushel of apples and a gallon of the BEST APPLE CIDER!! REALLY it is the BEST!!

My pictures of L picking his apple didn't turn out that great, so I'll just share one of him enjoying riding on their peddling tractors they have available.

Have a great evening..


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Little J..

We went over to Aunt Sharon's house today and I was able to play around with the light and brown paper some.. J gave me 2 pictures, LITERALLY!! 2!!!

So, I'll share half of them with you..
Have a great night..


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Costume fun at Aunt Monica and Uncle Ken's Campground!!

Aunt Monica and Uncle Kenny belong to a campground (some resort near Salt Fork)'s a very nice campground, too.. Each year in October they host some Halloween fun. Trick or treating each Saturday, a costume contest, hayrides (we missed this) and a Spooky Cabin (one spooker was Hank and another was Brandon, so you should know it wasn't the big scare them so they cry and run), all the events were made for the fun times for kids. Well, and fun times for the adults, so many of them (young adults and older adults were in costume as well).. I went as the football fan in my red hoodie!! LOL..

So the boys and I headed down to Salt Fork. It takes about an hour and half to get there. We went through all 3 Casting Crowns CD's. Then we sang some other songs like I've Been Redeemed (echo), Amazing Graze, Sanctuary, The Littlest Worm and we went back and forth with the Who Stole the Cookie From the Cookie Jar game (which Luke each time yelled out the cookie was good). J was so cute, when someone called out that it was him, he would say "Who ME?" and then we'd say "Yes, YOU" he would repeat so CUTELY "It COULDN'T be"..

Anyway back to the campground.. Monica and Kenny have this permanent site now down there and behind them is the BEAUTIFUL sky. I left my camera at home, but I borrowed moms little point and shoot..

B was an Astronaut (thanks Aunt Linda for the ADORABLE costume)..

Then B was stung by a bee.. Poor guy!! His right side of his face swelled up quickly..
And for some reason, my kiddos like to stick their tongues out at me.. Here's J as a CUTE LITTLE TEDDY BEAR (thanks to Cousin Chrissy and Aunt Sharon for this costume)..He will definitely stay nice and warm in it..

And here's the whole gang outside the Campground Church.. We listened to a wonderful message concerning each of us being SPECIAL. God made us all with different fingerprints, looks, thoughts and speech. "We are a one-of-a-kind creation"..God knew how we would look long before we were born..

Here you will see Hank, Aunt Monica and Grandma in the back row. Brandon, Daniel, J, Bri and Luke in the front row..You'll even notice Daniel carrying Zippy Roo (the Spiderdog doing whatever a Spiderdog does)..D went as a dogwalker!! And L went as last years dragon costume, notice it doesn't fit him in the legs this year!! He won't be wearing this to around the house trick or treating, he wanted to wear this so Grandma could see him wear it.. Isn't he sweet, grandma bought this for him last year after Halloween because he wanted to be a dragon instead of a mouse..
Then J had enough and snuggled up on Grandma's lap and fell asleep. What a great way to end our day, huh??
So then we left and it was then dark. We saw two deer as we got on 77 but then NONE after that.. of course that doesn't mean they weren't there, but hey, we didn't see them and I LIKE that.. We did get to see the moon rising in the sky. It was absolutely breathtaking too..

Enjoy your Sunday..take a break..relax with the family..have fun with friends.. and remember YOU ARE SPECIAL!! GOD made you and He LOVES you!!


Friday, October 17, 2008

I want to be a ZOO photographer..

I have always enjoyed going to the zoo.. and now I want to go and photograph the zoo babies!!

Check out these cuties..

Zoo Babies

D would absolutely LOVE seeing these babies in person. He has become quite the little animal lover. It all started with Dogs, then he got Zippy and then he became interested in all animals. Who knows maybe he'll be a Zoo Keeper, Veterinarian or whatever else has to do with animals..

Speaking of D..I'll post a recent one of him. I took him out one day last week for some quick pictures.. Well I asked him to take his glasses off so I could capture his beautiful green eyes.. Well I SHOULD know better, being blind as I am without glasses..BUT D couldn't NOT look at me without squinting..and since I was trying to capture mainly full body poses I couldn't see this through the view finder.. Lesson learned!! So here's a NON full body and NON squinting picture of D..

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Another SENIOR!!

Meet A!! We traveled to 4 locations and used all the light we could, until the sun was GONE, GONE, GONE! What a fun time. His mom had the pleasure (hmm, hmm) of talking to my boys during some of the time and that reminded her why she only had 1..(HAHA)..

Thanks Sharon and Thanks A and mom...


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our Friend and a SENIOR!! Miss A!!

Miss A will be a 2009 High School Graduate!! Dan and I have known her since she was around 9 years old..WOW, doesn't seem that long ago.. Recently she asked me if I would take some Senior Pictures for her and of course I had to oblige..

So I picked Miss A up this afternoon and we started off looking for some perfect spots. We found a nice run down building, a great field of color and we went to one of my favorite parks in the area as well. Soon we'll be doing some studio pictures with her to do the more 'formal' type senior pictures, and some fun ones with her 65 pairs of shoes!!

I LOVE the colors in this first one.. (OH, remember to click on them so you can see them a little larger)..

Have a great week everyone!!

Will talk to you later..

Friday, October 10, 2008

Captain Larry's Boat..

Luke really enjoyed his time with Uncle Larry. He talks about our boat ride and our stay in the cabin often. So today he asked for some tape and he made this boat with construction paper and tape. He said he is going to give it to Uncle Larry. In the first picture he is 'vrooming' it around the yard.


Do you know these people??

Photographer Child Syndrome???

Monday, October 06, 2008

B in Grandma's chair....outside!!

Grandma R has had this chair in the playroom for sometime.. I asked her if I could just borrow it to take a few photos in.. I doubt that she though I would be taking it to a field to grab some pictures....

It was a little brighter than I would have liked it to be outside, and we had to use a reflector to help us. My reflector holder/assistant did an excellent job, I'm so proud of him. (D is a GREAT listener and hard worker and is always so wonderful with assisting me)..

I'll be borrowing this chair again sometime soon. So keep checking back you never know where I'll be putting it or who I will be capturing in it..

Have a great day..

Oh P.S...Now, MOM, don't you think you NEED to let me take your RED chair outside??? There's a beautiful green field near your house that it would look just lovely in?? PLEASE??

Now all my blog readers will know if my mom lets me take it or not..and to those who know my mom, drop her an email or phone call to let her know she needs to let me borrow it..


Thursday, October 02, 2008

One guess...

for who did it?? Who tossed the grass in his brothers' faces??