Monday, October 06, 2008

B in Grandma's chair....outside!!

Grandma R has had this chair in the playroom for sometime.. I asked her if I could just borrow it to take a few photos in.. I doubt that she though I would be taking it to a field to grab some pictures....

It was a little brighter than I would have liked it to be outside, and we had to use a reflector to help us. My reflector holder/assistant did an excellent job, I'm so proud of him. (D is a GREAT listener and hard worker and is always so wonderful with assisting me)..

I'll be borrowing this chair again sometime soon. So keep checking back you never know where I'll be putting it or who I will be capturing in it..

Have a great day..

Oh P.S...Now, MOM, don't you think you NEED to let me take your RED chair outside??? There's a beautiful green field near your house that it would look just lovely in?? PLEASE??

Now all my blog readers will know if my mom lets me take it or not..and to those who know my mom, drop her an email or phone call to let her know she needs to let me borrow it..


1 comment:

Sharon said...

I want to see the red chair.....PLEASEEEEEEEEEE MOM!!