Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our Friend and a SENIOR!! Miss A!!

Miss A will be a 2009 High School Graduate!! Dan and I have known her since she was around 9 years old..WOW, doesn't seem that long ago.. Recently she asked me if I would take some Senior Pictures for her and of course I had to oblige..

So I picked Miss A up this afternoon and we started off looking for some perfect spots. We found a nice run down building, a great field of color and we went to one of my favorite parks in the area as well. Soon we'll be doing some studio pictures with her to do the more 'formal' type senior pictures, and some fun ones with her 65 pairs of shoes!!

I LOVE the colors in this first one.. (OH, remember to click on them so you can see them a little larger)..

Have a great week everyone!!

Will talk to you later..


Sharon said...

What great shots, and she is so beautiful!!

Julie ( THE Queen of TyPo'S) said...


Amanda said...

Thank you so much For doing this. They look amazing you're awesome :)