Wednesday, June 10, 2009

4-Wheeler Fun..

These explain themselves..what FUN the boys had!!

To Aunt Sharon from D and B: When can we come back over?

Tire and Cone...

Okay.. I admit it.. My J is spoiled. It's been recently announced to me that he is very spoiled. I've been in denial.. But I think after watching this a few days ago, J is indeed spoiled. (Spoiled with LOVE, that is.)

Not too many kiddos get their 74 year old Grandma to go outside and push them on their favorite swing. As well as enjoying an ice cream cone from said Grandma, while being pushed on the swing.. She loves this kiddo..

Have a great evening...

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Swing time fun with L...

Some swing fun with L... Grandpa has the best swing in the world.. FOR sure ask any of his Grandkids, they've all grown up swinging there.. He has the highest swing and of course kids love to swing high!

I'll post more tomorrow of J on his favorite swing at Grandpa's....


Friday, June 05, 2009


The Class of 2015!! Yes, that's right.. the Class of 2015! I'm so proud of D. He is an excellent student. His teachers always have kind remarks to say about him, his behavior and his desire to learn. D doesn't like to admit it, but he enjoys learning. He reads everyday for fun and enjoys searching the browser on his DSi for little known factoids, then of course he enjoys when others don't know what information he now knows..

He received several awards yesterday, including - Principals Math Club, Honor Roll Achievement throughout the year and Perfect Attendance.

(OH, and so you know, I did blur out some faces, since I don't have permission from parents to put their pictures on the internet..)

The pictures loaded backwards... Here he is receiving his 6th Grade Promotion Certificate and his D.A.R.E Certificate.

He must have been bored??? LOL!

So, D (since I know you have my blog in your 'favorites' on your DSi.. I LOVE YOU!! I'm VERY proud of who you are and what you do.. Keep up the good work love!!

Have a great weekend all..


Wednesday, June 03, 2009

These are for you MOM!!!

Thanks C and E and of course my brother Matt for cooperating.. I think you'll really appreciate having portraits with your kiddos!! And I think they turned out GREAT!!

Have a great day..


Monday, June 01, 2009

Awwww..SO cute!!

This one is Isabelle Christina.. she reminds us of our cat Tina (we miss her).. So we couldn't name her Tina Marie but we could include a little bit of Tina in her name since she looks SO much like Tina..

We've nicknamed her Izzy, though..