Monday, January 28, 2008

Sweet Baby J...

Every morning, before he has the chance to wake up on his own, Baby J gets pulled from his bed. I take him out to the living room and dress him to head out in the cold..We have to take 2 kiddos to school every morning. This morning, little guy, decided he was just too tired to sit up and wait for me to come back.. So of course I had to snap a couple of him, curled up on the couch..

Psalm 4:8 I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, Lord, only makest me dwell in safety..

I do certainly hope you all have a great day today...


Sunday, January 27, 2008

Like Father like Son...and Amazing Grace..

Dan noticed a resemblance of Baby J at 2 years old to his portrait at 2 years old. Though the conversion is not the same the resemblance is definitely there..This picture pleased him and will bring a smile to grandma's face as well..
Wanting to see if this will show up here.. A wonderful SONG.. Chris Tomlin singing 'Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone)'..

Of course this song is one well loved and well received song..but right now this section of the lyrics just makes me ever so thankful:

'Twas grace that taught my heart to fear
And grace my fears relieved
How precious did that grace appear
The hour I first believed

My chains are gone
I've been set free
My God, my Savior has ransomed me
And like a flood His mercy reigns
Unending love, Amazing grace

The Lord has promised good to me
His word my hope secures
He will my shield and portion be
As long as life endures

Have a great day..

Saturday, January 26, 2008


John 15:11.... (you can click on the picture to enlarge it..)

- reminds me of the I've Got the Joy song..

Quick excerpts from the song:

I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart.

I've got the love of Jesus, love of Jesus down in my heart.

I've got the peace that passes understanding down in my heart.

I've got the wonderful peace of my Blessed Redeemer down in the depths of my heart.

There is therefore no condemnation down in the depths of my heart..

And I'M so happy, so very happy. I have the love of Jesus in my heart....

Have a great day..


A wonderful day...

I just had an absolutely wonderful day today..unfortunately it didn't include any new pictures of my did include some peace, some quiet, some time spent with a wonderful friend and time spent in prayer.. How refreshing all of these can have on your mind and heart..

So blog friends you get to have some mixtures..ones taken recently that I didn't quite a few to share too..

Baby J's 'Book Holders'..

B and his puppy..

B reading to Baby J..

And 2 boys being goofy..

Have a great day tomorrow..


Friday, January 25, 2008

Funny L...

So, last evening after L got out of the bath, he had his hair looking like this..

Today when he gets dressed he's dressed like this.. Thomas shirt, Blue Jeans, Red socks and SHORTS over his jeans..Is this kid making a statement?

Have a great evening..


Thursday, January 24, 2008

9 Month old Baby J..(NOT my Baby J, another one)..

I had the privilege of photographing this little guy..He is nine months old..and ADORABLE as can be...check out those baby blues on him...

And, of course, I HAVE to throw one in my own Baby J...

Have a great day..


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Color or B/W...

Same hat as yesterday, but these were taken today..This child LOVES hats..He gets one on in the morning and won't take it off until bedtime....Need to buy some more cute hats..



Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Goal: Happiness...

My photography goal for the day was to photograph happiness...

This one lets me check off the GOAL MET box..

He misses his big brother while D is at school...


Monday, January 21, 2008

Zippy and B...

Zippy loves to hang out with the boys..He even helps B with his DIRT (Daily Individualized Reading Time)...

Have a great evening..


Sunday, January 20, 2008

I see the moon...

Grandma and Grandpa R were visiting us this evening and Ann told me I needed to take a picture of the moon tonight..It was gorgeous and the sky was a beautiful dark blue..Unfortunately it was too late already to have both the sky and moon exposed together, but the moon is always beautiful...


Saturday, January 19, 2008

More playing the Artificial light...

I'm just loving my 'fake' light..I got a new background support stand last evening and I am loving using it.. Now I am sure I'll be ordering some new backgrounds soon...what fun this is going to be....

So, instead of getting a huge print of all four of them I am thinking I might due 2 medium prints of a pair at a time...I'll keep trying to get a good one of all 4, though..but that is hard..

Thanks for looking today.. Have a great day tomorrow!!


Another one of them all..

Just looking through them, again this morning and found this one.. I'm actually going to set this up again soon and try something a little different and see if I like those better..Then I will be ordering a huge print..a need to replace the one in our living room.. Baby J was 6 months old last time I printed a big it's time to get a new one of them...

Have a great weekend..


Friday, January 18, 2008

Could it be? They're ALL looking???

So, a mother LOVES pictures of her own, right? And especially loves it when she has one of ALL 4 of her own LOOKING at the camera..well usually you get one or two looking at the camera, another with none of them'll probably get one with eyes closed..well many of you know how it is..well here's one with all of them looking my way..

This was a very quick crop and edit and the final print will be a little different, but here's the first one I opened, a love a quick click in the file and getting a good one..

Thanks for looking..Have a great day..


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Baby J and Daddy..

Baby J was a bit tired last night when I set up the light, but he did fine..

Here's baby J and Daddy..Daddy's are not the easiest to photograph, especially Daddy's who DON'T want to be photographed, LOL...I made him, though..and Here's the resulting image..Baby J looks like he's being squeezed..Squeezed with Love...

Do enjoy your day..


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Just two......

Baby J.. A little brighter b/w conversion than my normal....


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Yep, another He's SOO cute blog post..

But they sure are..

I have one with cute smiles, but I just love the Baby J's cute giggle face..

Have a great day..


Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy and Smiley..

Some of my smiley happy 2 year old 'Baby' J...

Have a great day....


Friday, January 11, 2008

From earlier this week...

It looks like I'm not going to be able to snap anything today..Been a bit tired today and need to head out of the house for a little bit. We're ALL going shopping this evening..Going to head out the the local Super Walmart. The boys have some money in their pockets and they are begging to spend a little of it.. and I need some groceries...I'm craving Frozen Grapes (thanks Aunt Sharon for introducing them to me)..

So, you'll have to see images from earlier week...

This first one is out of focus, but OH WELL...he's mine, he's smiling cute and I'm printing it..

This one was during our wonderfully warm weather earlier this week..No, MOM, we weren't outside log with him not wearing a shirt..

And, yesterday...B and L..

And Baby J, refusing his mother eye contact..oh well, I love the happiness he's expressing so it's definitely a keeper...

And, my B...he's always willing to let me capture those eyes...

Thanks for looking..