Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Hey MA!! So, I know you are sensitive about your age, so I'll be real nice and NOT tell your age. I'll just say Happy Birthday to my Mom!! I hope the celebration of the 20th anniversary of your 39th birthday is GREAT!



Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy J..

J has been such a happy bug lately!! He gets Mommy all to himself now and then 2 days a week he gets his Grandmas' attention all to himself.

Today after school, the light looked lovely in the field next to the house, so I took him over there for a few pictures. Here's the one I had to post for you. I just love this Happy Little Guy of mine. His red hair, his dark brown eyes and that infectious smile, Love it all!!



Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Indians Game: The Tribe vs. the Tigers, September 20, 2008

As many of you know, our D is a VERY BIG Indians fan. He has enough Tribe shirts to wear a clean shirt for WEEKS!! Well last evening we took the boys out to the BallPark- we went to Progressive Field.. Give you one guess who the field was named after..(I'll share the answer late to those who may not know)..

So I of course took the camera out to just document from my seat..

The Guys:

Like Father:

Like Son:

Grandpa and his buddy:


A little Tribe cheering excitement!!!

The view from my seat:

To be continued:

The Indians Game: Post 2!!

The Self-Portrait:

Waving the Rally Cap for the WIN!!Hi Grandma:

Okay..so for the answer to the question, who was Progressive Field named after??

Jacob's Field, Progressive Field was named AFTER Jacob's Field.. HaHa.. Dan asked the boys this question and this was the answer. I thought it was funny, and I am NOT a funny person!!

Have a great evening!!


Saturday, September 13, 2008

More of the Praying Mantis and a spider..

So, if you don't like the bug pictures you may want to skip this posting! Here's more of the cute little Praying Mantis we have in the rose bush.

A little bit of grooming to make sure his legs are cleaned..

Here's a spider in our Yucca Plant near the back door. OOO YUCKY!! Spiders aren't my favorite but I sure do enjoy photographing them..Enjoy!!


Friday, September 12, 2008

Zippy and B...

This dog is so spoiled!! He loves to be held, I think he was trained that way by the boys. His exercise comes from walks outside, walking to get his food and then walking to hop in someones lap because the lap he's in is now walking in a different direction than him. Yeah, he's spoiled!!


Thursday, September 11, 2008

My ornery L...

Ornery is one adjective used to describe him. Yeah, we call him ornery, adorable, silly, happy, all those great and wonderful adjectives. Yet, to know him is to love him. How can one not. He's the little guy that sends me letters, gives me big hugs before he heads on that bus every morning. He is the one that runs to me everyday when he gets off that bus. So today, after school my goal was to capture him, in as few frames as I could. So we sat in the grass and chatted. The chatting didn't last long, he's a first grader and all first graders need time to play when they come home.. So I snapped a few and let him go. Off to ride his bike around the house, then to play in the hole. L is still my little sweet heart though, ornery, stubborn, yet still Happy Little L.
I won't even tell you what we were talking about to get this giggle out of him. I am sure mom of boys know though!!
I TOTALLY love this one...(Don't even care about the blades of grass by his face)..His eyes are so wonderfully lit, that little mouth is so perfect and that chin..This one simply looks like my little L....

Enjoy your evening!!


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

4th of July...

I was reminded recently to load some pictures from the 4th of July party at my Mom's house. We had a nice little get together where the kids got to have fun and just relax and enjoy the company and food.

L love helping Grandma shuck the corn..

While J enjoyed swinging on the hammock..

He also got a Zippy Roo kiss too..

The kids found a cute little tree frog up on the hillside..

J and Daddy with Great Grandma in the background..
The Grandma got out the little bubble toys and the kids enjoying blowing up these 'plastic' bubbles and holding them..

Enjoy your evening..


Saturday, September 06, 2008

More from vacation...

Here are some more from vacation... These are from our last day, spent at Cumberland Falls in Kentucky..

J at the Overlook standing against the wall..

A goofy D grin..
Little L posing on the wall..

This is a tree that we have pictures of the boys in over the years..
And a bug..

This man was playing Sunday Morning Worship..awesome to hear while walking through a beautiful park..
J with the Falls in the background.. He just looks so much older here to me..

And the beautiful Falls we love visiting year after year..sometimes several times a year, too... the park and Falls are just lovely.

That's a lot of pictures..