Thursday, September 11, 2008

My ornery L...

Ornery is one adjective used to describe him. Yeah, we call him ornery, adorable, silly, happy, all those great and wonderful adjectives. Yet, to know him is to love him. How can one not. He's the little guy that sends me letters, gives me big hugs before he heads on that bus every morning. He is the one that runs to me everyday when he gets off that bus. So today, after school my goal was to capture him, in as few frames as I could. So we sat in the grass and chatted. The chatting didn't last long, he's a first grader and all first graders need time to play when they come home.. So I snapped a few and let him go. Off to ride his bike around the house, then to play in the hole. L is still my little sweet heart though, ornery, stubborn, yet still Happy Little L.
I won't even tell you what we were talking about to get this giggle out of him. I am sure mom of boys know though!!
I TOTALLY love this one...(Don't even care about the blades of grass by his face)..His eyes are so wonderfully lit, that little mouth is so perfect and that chin..This one simply looks like my little L....

Enjoy your evening!!


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