Friday, October 17, 2008

I want to be a ZOO photographer..

I have always enjoyed going to the zoo.. and now I want to go and photograph the zoo babies!!

Check out these cuties..

Zoo Babies

D would absolutely LOVE seeing these babies in person. He has become quite the little animal lover. It all started with Dogs, then he got Zippy and then he became interested in all animals. Who knows maybe he'll be a Zoo Keeper, Veterinarian or whatever else has to do with animals..

Speaking of D..I'll post a recent one of him. I took him out one day last week for some quick pictures.. Well I asked him to take his glasses off so I could capture his beautiful green eyes.. Well I SHOULD know better, being blind as I am without glasses..BUT D couldn't NOT look at me without squinting..and since I was trying to capture mainly full body poses I couldn't see this through the view finder.. Lesson learned!! So here's a NON full body and NON squinting picture of D..

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