Sunday, January 21, 2007

365 Day PhotoChallenge Day #13...

Today's post is on hands..and a little history. As you know, or should know by now, I am mom to 4 little boys. And my boys LOVE to play with Matchbox cars. Well, years ago, so did Daddy. Since we are spending some time up at Grandma and Grandpa's due to our water situation Daddy decided to get his cars out from his childhood. The boys LOVED playing with them. Of course Daddy did LOTS of things to his cars that his own kids aren't allowed to do. Daddy painted his cars, Daddy banged his cars together and Daddy even 'blew up' some of his cars. So his cars that he showed them tonight are very well played with and the boys really enjoyed playing with the cars their daddy once played with.

So here's Brian's hand....

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And, Daddy's hands holding two trucks- he made the caps for them when he was a little boy..

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Brian, is our rough/tough boy. He can go through shoes, jeans and you name it extremely fast. He ended up with a lot of hand me downs, but if things get past him we are lucky. And he loved that daddy was rough on his cars and enjoyed picking out some 'demolition derby' cars..

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Well, I have to throw in a couple feet pictures, too...

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Thanks to all who are reading and to those posting comments..It's great to know your looking..



Robyn said...

All gorgeous. What a lovely thing for your boys to be able to do. And you captured it beautifully

Julie said...

So cool, I love this!

Dawn said...

Oh wow! Even my hubby liked looking at these! (he's a BIG hotwheels fan!) Very nice. I love the feet pics too - those star socks are awesome! :)

Sharon said...

Yes, Dan did love to play with his cars and I had a great time wiht my little brother. I can remember the big play areas we would build beside Grandmas house....making roads (by using a piece of wood to smooth out the ground) that led from the junk yard to the gas station, and to our own houses. Dan would always share his cars with me. I even had a few of my own. The one I remember the most is a van that had real working headlights. I like to buy cars for my nephew....even though they have a lot....because some day I hope they will have some great memories of sharing with their brothers as I did mine. I know some day as they get a little older we will again see Dan outside playing cars...and showing His Boys how to blow up and smash a few cars. If not boys...Aunt Sharon will come over and do this with you.
Love you all,