Thursday, January 11, 2007

100 things about ME....

Another photographer has challenged us to complete a list about ourselves....100 things about ME.... So here you go...

1. I believe in GOD, He is my light.

2. I have been married to my ONLY love for 10 years.

3. I have 4 little boys.

4. I love sugar.

5. I attended 21 different schools.

6. I never graduated from college, even after 9 semesters.

7. My college cumulative GPA was 3.67.

8. My oldest son is already smarter than his mother.

9. My mother is my HERO.

10. My parents divorced when I was an infant.

11. Blue is my favorite color.

12. I would love to have 6 children.

13. I made the Dean's list almost every semester of college study.

14. I majored in Nursing.

15. My favorite soda is Cherry Coke.

16. My favorite book is The Prince of Tides.

17. My favorite movie is The Mirror Has Two Faces.

18. I love E.R.

19. I take more pictures than I have time to edit for print.

20. I cannot stand dishonest people.

21. I hold grudges.

22. I have green eyes.

23. I hate to do the dishes.

24. As well as laundry.

25. I have one cat Sylvester and I can't even touch him due to allergies.

26. My best friend lives in GA, I live in Ohio.

27. I don't make my bed everyday.

28. I don't wear make-up.

29. I only wear tennis shoes.

30. I do not like scary movies.

31. Silence of the Lambs gave me nightmares.

32. I have the same dream over and over.

33. I LOVE photography.

34. Capturing my children's innocence is my passion.

35. I love my In-Laws.

36. I have one sister by birth but 4 sisters by LOVE.

37. I am 11 years younger than my husband.

38. I drive a mini-van.

39. My mother is the STRONGEST woman I know.

40. I used to write poetry.

41. I home schooled my son for 2 years.

42. I want to home school my children starting the 2007 school year.

43. I have never been out of the U.S.A.

44. I would love to go to travel across Europe.

45. My word right now is 'WOW!'

46. I only wear my wedding band for jewelry.

47. I love permed hair.

48. I lose something everyday.

49. I find something I have lost everyday.

50. English was my favorite subject in High School.

51. I hated Mathematics.

52. I do not paint my nails.

53. I wear too many sweatshirts.

54. I wear jeans most days.

55. I do NOT wear dresses of skirts.

56. I weigh more now than I did 9 months pregnant with my last son.

57. My last son was almost born in our mini-van.

58. My husband missed his birth.

59. I love mint chocolate chip ice cream.

60. I love taking pictures of bugs.

61. Well I love photographing just about anything.

62. I wanted to get a degree in Psychology.

63. I want to learn how to develop my own film.

64. We own vacant land to build our dream house on.

65. We've owned it for 10 years.

66. My 3rd son makes me laugh and smile.

67. Even on days I don't feel like laughing or smiling.

68. I used to be a control freak.

69. I go to bed too late most nights.

70. I love photography forums.

71. My nickname is Miscie - pronounced Missy.

72. I wanted to be different in high school.

73. So I just changed the spelling of my name.

74. Otherwise I was a bookworm.

75. I wake my son up from his afternoon nap just so he can watch Curious George with me.

76. I have crochet each of my boys an afghan.

77. I believe in the healing powers of the Lord.

78. I have been healed.

79. I know there is a God.

80. I was a tomboy as a child.

81. I fell from the top of a tree as a child.

82. I don't let my kids ride their bikes in the road.

83. They have to play in the backyard.

84. I despised turning 30.

85. I feel younger than I am.

86. I want to move out of Ohio.

87. I don't want to leave my Mom, though.

88. I suffer from shyness.

89. I don't like having my picture taken, NEVER have.

90. I love having close friendships with people.

91. I can keep a secret, my husband would just say it's because I forget everything.

92. I do not hang my keys up where they belong.

93. I was late picking my kids up from school 1 time this school year.

94. My favorite meal is Spaghetti, Meatballs, Green Beans and Applesauce.

95. I put ice in my milk.

96. I love the bond of family, nothing is stronger than the love of your family.

97. I lost a close friend when I was 16 (she was 16 as well).

98. I strongly feel that she can feel my feelings of happiness and joy at each special moment in
my life. I think about her often.

99. I miss my Grandfather W. (my ONLY Grandpa) and my Grandmother M. DEARLY. I sooo wish they could enjoy my children.

100. My loves of my life are- Dan, Daniel, Brian, Luke and Joseph. I adore my Mother and my In-Laws COMPLETELY. My Sisters have helped me GROW immensely. I ALWAYS have someone nearby when I need to cry or laugh. Photography has given me an outlet for some creativity and for sharing the LOVES of my life. I don't know what I would do without a camera, maybe learn to draw a circle for drawing my children? I don't know. Lastly I want to add that I love the LORD and all he has blessed my life with. I know without Him I am nothing!! I can do ALL things through Christ who Strengthens me...Phil. 4:13

Thank you to ALL..


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Lulu said...

That was a GREAT read. And, wow, 21 schools! I have only been to 2.