Tuesday, May 13, 2008


So D's game was canceled last evening due to the rain..so I have more of B to share.. He had a GREAT game this evening.. So to those of you who are unfamiliar with how to achieve a great hit.. I'll help you..I mean my wonderful B will..

Step 1: Make sure you're standing in a place where your bat will cover the plate.

Step 2: Concentrate on the pitcher.
Step 3: Use your body to swing and listen for the crack of the ball against the bat and RUN.. (check out that perfect body position for swinging and hitting)..

That hit was good for a DOUBLE!! Went clear out to the outfield..we were so excited..

Step 4: This step is for COACHES..cheer your players on.. Encourage them..

This is B's first base coach congratulating him on another EXCELLENT hit. This one for a single, it also went out to the outfield, but the left fielder got the ball back into the infield quicker..

It's BASEBALL time, and my buddy is doing an AWESOME job at the plate and in his position. B is playing in Left Field. He backs up the third baseman and he keeps all hits from getting past him and gets them back in quickly. Tonight all of his throws were right where they needed to be. You can tell I'm proud of my little guy. He's the youngest and smallest player on his team and I couldn't be more pleased with his progress this year.. Love ya' B..



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Kristi S said...


I've been folling your blog for a while, even though you don't know me =) I LOVE your pictures !! I'm looking into buying a new camera, and I was wondering which one you use ? Photography has been my hobby since 5th grade (loooong time ago) but I'm hoping to start taking pictures for other people. Thanks for your time...

Kristi S.