Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The boys, last evening..just 'them'..

So last evening the boys and I were just outside chatting and waiting for Dad to get back from his running.. I haven't taken many of them lately..and thought I'd update you all on how they are doing and what is going on..

D has been wearing his hats backwards, he thinks it's funny looking.. He just LOVES baseball. He thinks about it nearly all the time. If the Indians are playing, he's probably listening to the game. His favorite players are Grady Sizemore and Cliff Lee. He's also a pretty big Atlanta Braves fan, and he likes Chipper Jones..

Now, J was playing in this tiny water puddle. J was enjoying jumping up and down and driving his little matchbox car in the puddle. Well after I buckled J in to the van, I found D jumping in the puddle 'pretending to be J'... What a GOOF..

And, B.. He's such a good baseball player as well. He enjoys playing in Left Field, he says his favorite positions are Left Field and Pitcher. He has quite an arm, and an accurate one too. His bat is moving pretty good now as well..

L..Now this little guy, is SOMETHING ELSE, haven't quite figured him out. He's rough, he's tough and he has a sweet spirit. Always giving to people. I still get letters and cards and candy daily. Today he made us a mailbox that sits outside our bedroom door. Inside the mailbox was a letter addressed: 'To: DAN'..LOL..DAN!! And I had a green apple jolly rancher in sweet.
He has a battle wound on his face. He was outside playing with B, and a tipped over car and somehow the stick he was carrying got him near his eye.. we also think he might have a little allergy problem right now, as he's constantly rubbing his eyes..poor guy..
And Little J..he's so curious. Loves to be outside to 'pay'..Still likes his hats.. He's talking so much lately as well. Telling us where to go for dinner, who to visit (frequently it's Aunt Sue-Sue)..Funny he calls Sharon, Sue-Sue, but he can say Aunt Monica..Hmm.. The boys still do a lot for him, they just adore their little brother.

So that's what's going on in our house. The boys are playing Baseball till the end of June and then things will slow down. Maybe then we'll take a vacation. They have school until June 5th.. YAY..I'm excited about that. We'll begin frequent walks to the library and park. We also have a Zoo membership so I plan on going to the Zoo as much as they want to.. Should be a fun summer.



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