Friday, March 28, 2008

Went for a drive..

Grandpa and Grandma R. took us out for a little drive today..we drove by a neat place for pictures. I've taken some there before for others, but never purposely with my own children.. I really want to go back when it gets warm..WHEN it gets warm, I said. Today the sky was absolutely beautiful (at times) and made you 'think' it was summer, but NOPE, it's still only spring. SOON, soon though..

These really aren't my favorites, I just pull them off the card in random order.. I will say, I just adore the one of Little J's hair blowing in the wind.. Didn't think he had that much hair, now I guess I know..

Eye contact is OVER-rated, right? You can get smiles on all 3 but eye contact, who needs it? ME, I HEART eye contact...but I still love this, as I like seeing closeness of them. They all sat down and got close. Now either they really like each other or they were just cold. Hmm, I think they like each other.

Thanks for looking today..


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