Saturday, March 01, 2008

Some snow and fun and a sleeping one..

First off 'D' snowboarding down the little hill..he's usually not this adventurous.. In the second one he had fallen and 'B' was sliding down behind him..he did run into him..

And 'L' chased me around for several minutes with this odd shaped big snowball.. he kept throwing it at my feet as he knew that he would be in MAJOR trouble throwing it anywhere near my camera..

And 'B' just as cute as can be.. He is always so good at looking at the camera for me. I'll have to check what I have of him in 'action' today'..

And while big brothers were playing loudly outside, Baby J enjoyed a nice, quiet, long snooze inside..

And, yeah, I know the snow looks blue..if you looked at it today around late afternoon with the gorgeous blue sky overhead, it was tinted blue. So I'm leaving it.

Thanks for looking..

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Julie said...

FUN!!! I want to come and play.