Saturday, March 22, 2008

Something I don't get to shoot often..(sounds like I'm a hunter, eh?)

Another little girl..this time a baby..she's 9 months old, well her Grandma informed me, 9 months tomorrow..

And, because you probably have missed seeing my own kiddos these last few's Baby J with an expression I don't really see too often..but hey, not matter what face he's making he's a cutie..and he now calls me 'MOMMY'..I'm no longer Mama. Where oh where is my baby going?

It seems these past 2 months, he's saying so much more. Before he said 'huh' for thank you, now he can say thank you. He's carrying on real conversations with you. Ask him questions, he'll answer them. He'll 'read' himself a story- most of the time it's about Haha (Curious George)..of course if you ask him his name, he'll tell you, "Me name is Zippy." He just loves the pup..



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