Friday, February 15, 2008

Photographer Child Syndrome..

So, as you all know, I adore photographing him..he's just so adorable..we just don't always agree on what makes a nice photograph. I love the eyes. I love seeing them, capturing them, etc. But with Baby J. He'll let me take his picture looking down AND smiling..

And looking away....

And even SMILING while covering his face..

Before he'll let me get that adore smile and eyes in the picture..

Yeah..I feel for him, being the child of a photographer must really be hard...

And, yes I know they're all processed a little differently, I was just messing around in PS..

Have a great day and weekend..I'm super excited as we head into the weekend. I'm going to the CASTING CROWNS concert tomorrow, YAY for me....and just in case you don't know who they are, take a peak, press play on the video stream below. And if you do know, take a peak am sure you'll find their music and lyrics encouraging.


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