Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Can you see me???

J spends nearly ALL of his bath time ON his belly. He just loves the water. And today, I took a few pictures. I haven't really taken pictures of him in the tub before, it's awfully hard to not include what you don't want in a picture in such a small place. I don't have a wide angle lens presently, so with my 50mm on the camera I had to climb to capture him. So imagine me, straddling OVER the sides of the bathtubs, with my CAMERA. And those that know me well, know that my camera is like a baby to me. So you probably can't see me doing this in the first image...But you should see me in the second..If you can't, just click on the second and you should see me in his catchlights..

Thanks for peeking..


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