Wednesday, February 20, 2008


L is my sweetheart.. He loves to do things for others. He's given away candy, cards and even money to people. He enjoys having those around him happy. And today while I was reading at the table he came up to me and rested his head on the table, and well, I said, stay right there 'L'..and he did, because he knew this picture would put a smile on my face, and it does. This one just reminds me of how sweet and innocent this little guy is..

Now since some prefer color over my beloved B/W, I'll show you the color of this one..

This little guy is just so happy!! He laughs, smiles and just walks around like the happiest most joyful being there is. Of course most of the time he's laughing, smiling and happy because he's being ROTTEN!!!!

Make it a great day!!!


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Julie said...

Way too cute!