Tuesday, November 11, 2008

FINALLY, I can post again!!!

We've celebrated another birthday here.. Little J is now 3 years old. Can you all believe that? I know I can't. It really feels like Dan and I just left to go that birthday party that we never made it to. Seriously. (For those who do not know, J was almost born in our mini-van. No pain before we left, drive about 30 minutes and BOOM labor hits, water breaks and well you know you have very little time after your water breaks especially with a 4th baby.)

He has been such a wonderful addition to our family. We've called him Baby J since day 1..Literally. I call him Joe-Bear, Baby J, I've thrown in a JJ, Bug, JoeBug..well he has lots of 'pet' names. I'm so glad that he will not be of age to begin school until 2011, I get all that extra time to take in this little guys cuteness and love.

I have an adorable post for next time. Right now I just wanted to share Baby J on his birthday.

Brotherly love and FUN..

His favorite birthday present came from Grandma M..
Elmo and J rolled around and were buried in the leaves several times. Can you see the leaf fragments in his mouth..Poor guy was spitting them out for quite sometime afterwards.
Check out how dirty he was. L gets home from school around 3:45. We went out to play to soak in our last day of warmth for a little bit. We were out there, MAYBE an hour!! He got this dirty JUST in the leaves..
And the beautiful sky on his birthday..

Love you, J-Bear..


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Julie ( THE Queen of TyPo'S) said...

Love you pictures Melissa! Love J's smile!!!