Tuesday, April 01, 2008

My April 1st Baby...

Eleven years ago, we became a family of 3. D came into our life, weighing 7 pounds 5 ounces and was 19.5 inches long. He had red hair (which has turned strawberry blonde now), and he was just a beautiful baby (of course). His birth was fast and nice. Every year on his birthday, I hear how I prevented many family members from attending our bowling banquet. It's just part of D's birth story. Of course the part I remind Dan is that it was the ONLY time he wanted to take me out for ice cream. I still say he owes me that ice cream he offered to buy me on our way to the hospital.

D is a very smart boy. He has enjoyed books from the beginning. When I fed him, we read. When I had nothing to do, we read. And I just didn't read him baby stories or children's stories. I read him magazine articles, books. It didn't matter what I read, he listened. Now, as he did start to comprehend we changed our stories to ones he would want to hear. His favorite books as a young child were 'Bear's Boat' and 'PJ Funny Bunny'. His favorite characters were The Teletubbies and Caillou. Now D loves to read. His favorite genre is realistic fiction. He doesn't care for fantasy at all.

D loves the Cleveland Indians. GO TRIBE! Yesterday was an exciting day for him. He was able to come home and enjoy the Game Opener at Progressive Field. GO TRIBE!!

So, of course I have to post a recent photo of D to celebrate his 11 th birthday. I took this the other day. We were out playing catch and well, he missed the ball.. Sorry D.. I will be taking him out soon to do some real portraits. I LOVE YOU, Sugar Bear..

Have a great day..


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Julie ( THE Queen of TyPo'S) said...

Oh Melissa, how sweet! You are such a great mom and photographer.

Happy Birthday D.