Saturday, December 08, 2007

Some fun in the snow....

My buddies and I enjoyed our first big snow yesterday. The boys were so excited to go sled riding and just play in the lovely white cold stuff!! Me, I'm content just watching them and snapping their faces...

L zooming down the little hill ...Daddy and Baby J..this was one of the last ones taken. Baby J got to the bottom and said 'Again, Dada, Again..'
L and B..they had the most fun, we had to tell them it's time to go to Chuck E. Cheese to get them to come in..

One of this Mama's favorite's of her Baby J..

So, I am still working on the color with my new camera, which is why the color is so was a lot of fun, watching the boys play and I actually can't wait for next time- WITHOUT the camera, though..I LOVE going down the hill with the boys and listen to their giggles, and if we're dressed just right, it's always fun to tip it over at the bottom and roll in the snow..Oh the days of fun and joy are upon us.. We are blessed..

Have a great day..


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