Monday, December 31, 2007

Feeling better, here..

The boys are finally feeling better. YAY.. This was the first time we had an illness like this sweep through and get us..(All but 'D', he stayed healthy)..

We're dog-sitting (or dog-napping) as the boys call it. This is Grandma's puppy, Zippy. We'll have him for a few more days. The boys are doing such a good job with him too. No complaints when I tell them to take him outside, no matter what time or how cold it is.. Of course I found myself outside with him at midnight last night..But, I really like this little pup, so I didn't mind at all..

And to make the last post of 2007 right..I'll post a recent snap of each of my buddies...

Here' s one of 'D'' and pup, taken inside at ISO 1600.. love this new camera.. They are just too cute...
And 'B' peeking over at me while playing their new PS3..

And silly 'L'..just a little too close..but LOVE the happiness in that smile..

And my Baby J...He's learned to 'smile' for the camera.. He's a bit jealous of Zippy the Puppy, when I was taking pictures of the puppy he'd get in front of the camera and say, 'No, Mama, MEEEEE'...and make his 'smile'...

Happy New Year to all...America Bless God, in 2008!!


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Aunt Sharon said...

What a wonderful set of boy's...including that last member of your family. LOL Little Dude will be so happy there : )
Love ya All