Sunday, December 09, 2007

Brothers and the attempt at a Christmas Card Picture..

I asked D and L to let me take a picture of them together. Now, L was our family baby. He was the only 'thing' that D and B liked. They enjoyed playing with him and laughing with him. Each having their own time and enjoyable activities with him. They do love it wasn't too hard to ham it up with him for the camera...

Now...getting all 4 BOYS to look and be 'happy' was another story.. This is what I got.. D with snowball ready to get B, B ready to get D and L well he got D with one... And poor Baby J just sitting there amongst his big brothers.. That's life with 4 BOYS!! Merry Christmas..Don't be surprised if your cards hold this photo!!

Have a great day, ALL!! Love one another..


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