Monday, August 14, 2006

Last week one of the guys fell sick..

Poor Luke, last week was rough for him. Monday morning he woke up crying with a tummy ache and fever of 103.5. Poor guy. Tuesday he felt a little better, til we left and went to Giant Vulture for milk. On our way into the store, he lost his cookies, umm actually they were noodles, thanks Grandma.. He was also feeling a tad better Wednesday so I decided to walk the boys up to the school for some play time. Well we get there and Luke gets out of the stroller and decides he doesn't feel like playing after all, he just wants to lay around, and lay around is exactly what he did..

Well, his brother's never caught his bug. They were having fun with a toadie. Lukey got in on looking at it but that was it, he didn't want them touching him at all with it. Of course look at the other's faces knowing that Luke did like their games...They were having fun nonetheless..

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