Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Akron MetroPark Hike today at Little Turtle Pond..

We enjoyed taking a little hike today, 1.8 miles.. So of course we HAD to learn a few lessons..

Lesson 1: Always view the weather channel before taking a hike.
Lesson 2: If you do not view the weather channel always take your umbrella on your hike.
Lesson 3: Pick the SHORT trail, you never know when you're going to have to return to your car quickly.

We were rained on...came back to the car DRENCHED! But we had fun singing, or maybe I just had fun singing while the boys just listened or blocked me out.

Here's some pictures from before the rain..

B was skipping rocks into the pond and got excited when he skipped 3 in a row correctly..
And J enjoyed walking on this little bridge..or sitting on it..and picking up the little gravel. We watched the birds too at this spot.. The bird below was L's bird he spotted and quietly told me about..he was so excited that it stayed long enough for me to 'click' and get a picture of..

Then it rained and the camera was put away..




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Great pictures! I love the one of the 4 boys sitting on the fence! So sweet!

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