Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Akron Aeros Game and the Akron Zoo....

We have had a very busy couple of days here...

Yesterday B's Ball team attended the Akron Aeros game. We invited Gma and Gpa with us and they seemed to really enjoy watching our local Double A Indians affiliates WIN, WIN, WIN!! It was great..

Here's B and Gma playing blowing each other kisses in the van..

Then, Grandma planted one on B's cheek..And, L..so cute..

J received had the best time walking with Daddy to the stadium..B and his buddies REALLY, REALLY enjoyed the ballgame.. They were up moving around nearly the whole game. We pretty much had several rows of seating all to ourselves and they took advantage of it. They danced in between the innings, during the innings and just enjoyed themselves.

Here B is yelling to the pitcher... 'Pitchers got a big butt, and pitchers got a rubber arm'..
And Grandma and Grandpa with J.. We nearly left around the 5th and 6th innings BUT D and B both wanted to stay. The Akron Aeros were down by 5 runs.. BUT they came back and tied in the bottom of the 9th and WON in the bottom of the 11th!! WOW, was that FUN to see..
Then today we went to the Akron Zoo.. They have a new Jellyfish Exhibit.. and those were fun to photograph... I can't wait to go back with the right equipment..
And J had fun pulling Grandma around the Zoo, looks like Grandma had fun too..
Disclaimer: J didn't actually pull Grandma anywhere..we set it up..

B enjoyed feeding the animals in the petting zoo..
But J wouldn't have anything to do with an animal getting anything from his hand..

And all 4 of my little cuties...


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