Sunday, September 03, 2006

Well, it's official Dan and I are OLD...

Our niece has made us OLD... I really thought turning 30 was terrible, just kind of put me over the hill, you know.. but NO..I didn't get OLD until last night when I officially realized that I am old. My niece is now married. How did we get so old to have married nieces? Where did the time go?

This niece is very special to me. When I met her she was a little squirt with long hair, glasses and cute as can be. For a short period of time she and her mother lived with ME, and I would watch her play her Nintendo, or watch the Lion King over and over. She was just a little girl, MY little girl and now she is grown and married! And that leaves her Aunt Miscie OLD.

Well last night at her reception I snapped a few pics and I thought I would share them here with everybody..

Check out the cutie hiding behind the cake..Hope your arm feels better, buddy...

Congratulations C & J, WE LOVE YOU and are very proud of you..Never forget that..

And on last photo to share..The kids had a blast on this awesome OLD merry-go-round..

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