Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Quite a few from the last week or two..

There all mixed up...

The kitty is Sylvester, our cat that thinks he's a DOG.. Seriously, the dog may bark but it's the cat who scares everyone away..

On B's 10th Birthday we went down to Sugarcreek to eat dinner with Grandma and Grandpa R and our Pastor and his wife. I found these tulips in the parking lot and had to take some pictures.. I just loved the blue sky with the flowers and greenery..

And J...he's cute with a messy face or without a messy face.. (Of course I think that, right).. But you know it, he's a cutie..

And we had J and D's birthday party (combined it for a big group party).. We all met at the park while we enjoyed some wonderful 80 degree weather here.

The L enjoyed posing for me while I was playing with my macro lens as a portrait lens. Oh I so love the look of his portraits with that lens..

And Aunt Linda was up awhile ago and she brought a book to read to the boys.. J loves this book..

And crocus' have come and gone.. they sure are pretty while they last...


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The Super Mom said...

Baby J's eyes just mesmerize you.