Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Working Men..

First.. AHHH... These boys surround Grandma while visiting. LITERALLY. J has to have Grandma take care of him while we're there. He can use the potty by himself, but he likes Grandmas attention so he insists she has to help him..(Just the last couple days though she's decided to give him sweets when he goes by himself..LOL I doubt she 'bribed' Dan when he was young..)

The following pictures are out of order. Starting from the last first....

So Grandpa recently decided to remodel his kitchen. Everyone jumped in to help. From the big guy to the littlest guy.. L helped in many ways.. He helped Grandpa move the fridge back..Helped Grandpa remove some stuff from the wall..
D and L helped remove a board from the wall...
J helped carry wood from the kitchen out to the garage..
And watched Daddy as he prepared the new flooring for cutting to fit in the space needed..
And L laid down some of the new flooring..
And J, just looking so cute waiting for his next job..
Daddy and L working together..
Grandpa down there working in some tight corners..
Daddy working hard to get the job done right..

I'll have more in the next couple days or so... It's looking so nice in there..


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Julie ( THE Queen of TyPo'S) This chic can't spell!!! said...

Fantastic!!! Love how everyone is working together, and little j is too darn cute holding that wood!