Friday, January 16, 2009

How to get your own child to look at the camera??

Take a picture of something else and let him know how much you enjoy taking the picture.

So I was asked to take a picture of a teapot. So, Ann and I set out to get the picture. We were having fun, giggling and moving around the little table while doing this. So, J comes running up several times and gets in front of the camera. He WANTS me to take a picture of him, but he chose the expression, LOL..

J during his quietest time of the day, LITERALLY. This kid talks and talks all day long. Well if he's not talking, he's making some kind of noise -growling, roaring through the air with his planes, whining, singing, you name it. I'm surprised the kid isn't hoarse from all the noise that comes out of his mouth and the LOUDNESS of that noise. He definitely doesn't get asked to speak louder!!

L unwrapped a DS Christmas Day, so this is how we see him many nights..
Have a GREAT weekend, ALL!!!


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