Monday, December 01, 2008

Little J's birthday weekend..

We celebrated J's birthday down at Aunt Linda's (THANKS, Aunt Linda!!)... She decorated her dining room and made it into a nice 'Birthday room'.. J found the cupcakes but insisted he didn't get his fingers into the frosting..Hmm I think these pictures prove otherwise..we must have the conversation with J about telling the truth..

Grandma and Grandpa brought J a balloon, and it rarely left his side while he was awake!! And right now J is walking around holding his balloon.
He's such a happy boy..
And here's his Aunt Linda whom he adores!!

And Aunt Linda bought J an adorable Hot Wheels bicycle, complete with a horn, mirror and bicycle helmet. We couldn't leave the bike in her house all weekend, but J insisted on wearing the helmet- ALL WEEKEND!! When his helmet was on he was 'Hot Rod' - nickname given to him by Uncle Larry. While J was 'Hot Rod' he drove his race car around her living room, dining room and kitchen. The next couple pictures show those that J got to race him.. (Aren't they CUTE?)

J with Uncle Tim.. Doesn't Uncle Tim look like a great race car driver??? I just giggle when I see this one..And J with Daddy.. If I knew how to post the video, I would post what Dan captured on video. Me running around J's track with him, helmet and all..Yeah, right!!
Have a great evening..


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Julie ( THE Queen of TyPo'S) said...

Aww, looks like little J had a great birthday!