Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back from Vacation..

We enjoyed a wonderful vacation to Georgia.. Visited with family and friends.. Stayed with Captain Larry (Uncle Larry) and Aunt Linda. Baby J enjoyed Aunt Linda's company so much he wanted her to come home with us and asked us several times during the trip home to turn around and pick up 'Aunt Inda'.. We always have so much fun when visiting them. This time was no exception. We went to northern Georgia and stayed in a cabin overlooking Carters Lake. Everyone enjoyed a boat ride with Captain Larry. Monday we attended an Atlanta Braves game. Tuesday we kind of had a lazy day.. Wednesday we traveled down to see Baby A and her parents. Thursday we stayed and visited with them some more. Then Friday we went down into Florida and viewed some of the winds from Hurricane Faye. Then back up to Uncle Larry and Aunt Linda's house. We left for home Saturday afternoon and enjoyed the Cumberland Falls area in Kentucky late Saturday and early Sunday. Whew, what a vacation.

So, while visiting Baby A I took some pictures (that's a given, right?)...she's darling and beautiful. Baby A is my dearest friends daughter. It's so sad to have her so far away from us...I am thankful we were able to take this time to go down and see her while she is still so tiny.

So I'll introduce you to Baby A..

Have a great's so nice to be back home, though I'm yearning to be in Georgia around our family and friends there, too.. We miss you all already... Can't wait to visit again..

Will update the blog with more pictures of all our activities throughout the week. This is an exciting week.. Little L will be starting school this year. So, look forward to those first day of school pictures soon, too..


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