Tuesday, July 29, 2008

B fishing...

Good evening..

Today we went to a local State Park to hike.. We actually didn't hike much. The boys and I spent the day walking around the beautiful home that is there now and enjoying capturing the butterflies and bees. B used my old film camera and D used my backup digital SLR. They both did a great job. B's film will be processed tomorrow and hopefully I'll scan a couple of his images and I'll convert a couple of D's for web-viewing tomorrow. I was quite pleased though with how well they both did..

There was a small pond there as well and B found some abandoned fishing line and a hook and some bait. He tied the line on a stick, the hook to the line and then began fishing.. He nearly had one, but right before it got to the top of the water the fish got off the line. BUT we all saw it so we know it won't be his 'One that got away' story, that no one ever believes.. So to those fishermen we know, I'm sure you'll enjoy seeing these 2 photos of B fishing.. This isn't the first time he's made a 'pole'.. (I think we need to buy him a 'travel' pole that can fold up and fit in the stroller basket, don't you?)..